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Our PMS & the Benefits of ASP

Unlike traditional practice management systems, MD-Net allows your medical group to harness the power of the Internet for unparalleled ease-of-use and affordability. See for yourself how traditional vendors' practice management systems compare with MD-Net as your Application Service Provider

Internet Based Services

Traditional Vendors' Systems

Fast Installation

MD-Net installs quickly (usually less than a month), is easily learned, mimics your practice workflow, and is working in a matter of days with no up front licensing costs.

Traditional stand-alone practice management systems can take months to install and may have up front costs of tens of thousands of dollars.

Unlimited Purchasing Power 

MD-Net purchases processing power for all its users. The computers that run MD-Net cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and would not be affordable for even the largest group practice.

Stand-alone systems are limited by the amount of processing power you can afford.

Flexible Information Access and Reporting 

MD-Net uses a Relational database: for storing and retrieving complex information, but usually too expensive for a stand-alone system. You can get the information you need when you need it.

Most stand-alone systems store information in flat files, which limit your access to information. Custom reports must be programmed by the vendor, take weeks or months to receive and cost extra.

Real Time Payer Rules Updates 

MD-Net virtual insurance management center (including revenue specialists) continuously updates MD-Net to reflect the latest changes in payer rules. Every time you sign on to MD-Net you are using the latest screening tools for your claims.

Traditional systems only screen claims for the simplest of rules and only update the screens infrequently, if at all. Because payers are continuously adding and changing rules, stand-alone systems cannot keep up with the changes.

Continuous Software Updates

MD-Net is updated continuously. Every time you access MD-Net you use the latest version of the software -  at no additional cost.

Updates to the software of traditional systems are grouped into revisions, which are typically distributed every 6 months, require on-site installation, and are often an additional cost.

5 more reasons to use our ASP!

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